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Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Self - Paced Learning

Learning that happens on your time and at your pace. Complete learning modules and practice exams as you prepare to earn various certifications and  enhance your knowledge of the wonderful field of cyber security.

Simple Online Enrollment

Enrolling into our course is one click away. Access course registration and course materials directly from our site for ease of use.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified practitioners in the field of Cybersecurity.  They will not only provide instruction but will also support you through your course matriculation.

About WIS ED

WIS ED is a Cyber Training and Education Firm focusing on the delivery of advanced technical content in several areas to include: Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Computer Science, and Data Science. WIS ED has courses operating at all levels of education from high school to graduate school as well as programs that augment traditional education. Their courses are accessible by over 25K+ teachers throughout the USA and are experts at building pipeline programs that allow students to prepare for the next level of education or careers in STEM.


We have served high schools, Colleges, Universities, Individual Students and several Educational Organizations since our inception.


Additionally, through our training services, we offer Cyber Training or simulations to educators, employees, or trainers in many industries, including Federal, Commercial, and Academia.


We have trained over 200 individuals since 2019. In addition, our Maryland State-approved Pre-apprenticeship & Apprenticeship program is another avenue to assist individuals seeking a career in cybersecurity.