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Cyber Curriculum for Virtual Learning!

Why is WIS ED a good Choice for your Organization?

Innovative Education

Instructional Coaching- Educators

WIS ED was birthed from Wilson Innovation Solutions - which has innovation at its core.  We strive to provide a unique and innovative approach to our education offerings.  The uniqueness stems from the fact that each student is different.  This is paramount as we design and deploy our education materials.

Innovative Training

WIS ED focuses on providing the most innovative training in the Cyber Industry.  We recognize that innovation requires a solid foundation in core cyber security principles.  Thus, we offer a variety of cyber training types to include: cyber certifications, general cyber, and advanced cyber skillset-based training.

Innovative Career Development

WIS ED helps prepare people for careers in Cyber Security.  We do this through our apprenticeship programs, resume reviews, job matching services, and career coaching.  We focus on the soft - yet foundational - skills that individuals need at the beginning of their Cyber careers.  

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