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Backward Mapping

Participants learn to “begin with the end” prior to planning lessons for a course.


Objective Writing

Objectives inform us of where we are headed.  Participants will learn the proven ways to write objectives.


Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an integral but overlooked practice in the classroom.  Participants will learn how to implement SEL practices on a regular basis.


The 5 E's of Instruction

The 5 E’s are a lesson planning approach that includes engaging and exploratory concepts in a lesson.  Participants will learn how to build lessons using the 5 E’s regardless of content background.


Formative Assessments

Many individuals understand assessment at the end of a lesson or module.  However, many overlook formative assessment.  Participants will learn how to utilized formative assessment during lessons.

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Effective Lesson Planning Series

Register for our Free Seminar Covering the following:

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