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WIS ED is an Education  & Training Firm focusing on the design, development, and delivery of innovative and technical content in several areas to include: Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Computer Science, and Data Science.


WIS ED has courses operating at all levels of education from high school to graduate school as well as programs that augment traditional education. Their courses are accessible by over 25K+ teachers throughout the USA and are experts at building pipeline programs that allow students to prepare for the next level of education or careers in STEM.

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Our Mission Is to Prepare & Empower


Number of course offerings in the Cyber Security & Related domains


Industry Leading Cyber Security Programs at various levels of education


Topics covered throughout or core curriculum

High %

Of Satisfied Students, Teachers, and Trainees!

We have served Teachers, Administrators, Parents, High schools, Colleges, Universities, Individual Career Changes, and several Educational Organizations since our inception.


Additionally, through our training services, we offer Training or simulated scenario-based training to educators, employees, and other trainers in many industries, including Federal, Commercial, and Academia.


We have trained over hundreds of individuals since our inception in 2019. In addition, our Maryland State-approved Pre-apprenticeship & Apprenticeship program is another avenue to assist individuals seeking a career in cybersecurity.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We have high integrity and expect the same level of integrity in our students.


We hold ourselves accountable in order to hold our students accountable.


We continue to grow in our subject areas of expertise and teach our students to do the same.


We are 100% committed to our mission of serving the people who need it most - our students.


Our passion is unmatched across the industry of education and training.

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